November 18, 2005

DCVS release 1.0 is available now

Ulrike Amoore writes "elego Software Solutions GmbH is pleased to announce the first
product release of
Distributed CVS 1.0. The Distributed Concurrent Versions System
(DCVS) extends the well-known version control system CVS and the file
distribution and synchronization program CVSup with functionality to
distribute CVS repositories with local lines of development. DCVS
handles synchronization of the distributed repositories
automatically in the background.

    The code is freely distributable under the GNU and BSD style
    licenses (for the CVS and CVSup part, respectively).

    Release 1.0 of DCVS contains a lot of important new and improved

          o import of CVS 1.12.12
          o simplified dcvs setup
          o changesets
          o snapshots
          o GUI support for DCVS
          o use of standard cvs workspace format
          o 100% compatibility to standard CVS clients
          o installation packages for FreeBSD, Debian Linux, Redhat Linux,
              SunOS, Mac OS X
          o installation file for Windows 2000
          o unification and simplification of the replication machanism (CVSup)
          o support for client declarations in dcvs_config
          o improved documentation: DCVS FAQ, DCVS cm rules, DCVS setup in
              30 minutes, change sets and snapshots.
          o miscellaneous bug fixes

    The projects homepage

    provides options to download DCVS, access to release notes, bug
    tracking and further information.

    Advantages of DCVS: DCVS benefits of all advantages of CVS. For
    existing CVS support the migration is very easy. The koncepts of
    changesets and snapshots improve the branching of CVS.

    There is another DCVS release scheduled for the first quarter
    of 2006. This release will contain a few improvements and include the
    correction of all known bugs.

    We would be very pleased to receive many reactions and feedbacks to the 1.0
    release until this date!

    Presently the commercial Configuration Management System for
    distributed software development DCCS is in development at elego's.

    DCCS (Distributed Change Control Solutions) is based on DCVS and
    provides the functionalities version control, bug tracking, issue
    control, change control and process control.

    About elego Software Solutions GmbH

    elego Software Solutions GmbH, founded in 2000, provides advice and
    support in all questions of analysis, organization, and optimization of
    the software development process with a special focus on version
    control and configuration management.

    elego Software Solutions GmbH, Ohmstraße 9, 10179 Berlin"


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