Decentralizing Your Microservices Organization


Adaptability — the ability to quickly and easily change — has become a primary goal for modern businesses and has put pressure on technology teams to build platforms that are easier and less costly to change.  Working in such environments, these teams have been attracted more and more to the microservices style of software architecture.  What attracts them is the promise of a method for expediting changes to software, without introducing unnecessary danger to the business.

The microservices way of doing things is made possible in large part by favoring decentralization of software components and data — more specifically, by breaking up “monolithic” elements into smaller, easier to change pieces, and deploying those pieces on the network. Making this architecture work well requires a change to the way work is done and how work is governed. The organization that adopts microservices is one that “gets out of the developer’s way,” and provides the freedom and autonomy to make the magic happen.

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