Observability for Cloud Native


Integrating Honeycomb into your Kubernetes cluster with ksonnet.

Although JSON/YAML Kubernetes manifests are straightforward to read and write, they are not always the best way to manage applications on your cluster. If you have a complex, production system and want to modify its deployment with existing approaches, you may experience significant operational costs.

In that case, what do you do if you want to add a feature like observability to your Kubernetes cluster? Even if you have a solution that (1) provides insight into the intrinsically dynamic workloads of a cloud native platform, it also needs to be (2) easy to embed and (3) easily extensible.

Recently we teamed up with the folks at Honeycomb, who had prior domain experience from Facebook, to address these points. Fortunately for us, they have an existing observability agent that handles all of (1). What we bring to the table is ksonnet, an open-source Jsonnet library and a powerful, composable approach to writing Kubernetes manifests. Our resulting collaboration, a Honeycomb library of ksonnet mixins, accomplishes all the aforementioned goals.

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