March 13, 2013

Dell Announces XPS 18: A Giant All-in-One Windows 8 Tablet

Dell tablet

When we reviewed the best Windows 8 all-in-one desktop computers, it was a giant, bulky, pricey Dell desktop that rose to the top of the heap. Today, Dell's trying its hand at a radically different Windows 8 experience: an 18.4-inch tablet that you can pick up and carry with you. It's called the XPS 18.

Dell's dubbing it a "portable all-in-one," and that makes a certain degree of sense. Like the Sony Vaio Tap 20 before it, it has most things you'd expect from a full computer, including a range of potent Intel processors, up to 8GB of memory, and a large hard drive. It also adds a five-hour battery so it doesn't always have to be plugged into the wall, quelling some concerns we had when some details of the device leaked online.



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