DevConf Comes to India May 11-12, 2017


DevConf is a developer-focused conference organized by Red Hat. Originally started at Red Hat’s Brno site as, it has evolved to be the important event for open source project communities where Red Hat participates and contributes.

This year Red Hat, HasGeek, and The Linux Foundation have come together to bring as part of HasGeek’s Rootconf 2017 event. is an outreach to application developers; architects; systems engineers who like to share knowledge and exchange notes on large, distributed application platforms. As significant number of (micro)services are deployed on hosted platforms, topics of resiliency; recovery; administration; operational security processes; design patterns become important.

The editorial team have been mindful of these themes and the talk roster reflect the expectations from this first edition of the event. We have talks from developers — Baiju M, Suraj Deshmukh, Ratnadeep Debnath, and Raghavendra Talur spanning the application development lifecycle for designing and deploying containerized applications of large fabric while making use of a deployment pipeline. Ligaya Turmelle will be walking the audience through best practices of deploying and administering MySQL. Aravinda MK will be talking about challenges in monitoring a distributed filesystem with the traditional tools and how an events API helps solve them. Recently, Snapdeal made a conscious choice to move from a public to a private/self-hosted cloud and Ruchi Singh will share the learnings and anti-patterns from that move. Mehul Ved focuses on a move to dynamic cloud infrastructure and will be talking about choices – decisions and implementation detail.

In her talk on infrastructure for Open Source projects, Amye Scavarda will talk about the “Church of the Shaven Yak” where there is so much to do, but sometimes little progress being made. You pick a piece of the yak to shave every day, and you continue to make good progress, but while you are shaving one piece of the yak, the hair is growing back in another area. There’s a buzz-phrase going around that “Internet is moving to the edge” — there’s a number of “things” on the Internet. Jim Perrin talks about how CentOS can be a development platform for IoT business and highlights the security bits which are often overlooked in the quick and large scale deployment gold rush.

The topics being brought together at have their own flourishing communities which focus on specialized approaches. intends to bring in these practitioners along with the customers and decisions makers to talk about design patterns and architecture, and to discuss deployment models and efficiencies. We expect that such a forum will kick off a healthy model of soup-to-nuts conversations which provide a strong directional guidance to developers and businesses eager to derive benefits from large and repeatable deployments of distributed services across multiple geographical regions.

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