What is Docker’s Moby Project?


During DockerCon 2017, a few major announcements were made, including the Moby Project

What is the Moby Project? It’s a framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel.

The Moby Project is to Docker what Fedora is to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. – Solomon Hykes, Docker CTO/Founder

In becoming the container project equivalent to the Fedora project, how Docker is built is changing.

Red Hat did a good job in the early days of the RHEL confusion in that they delineated the project from product; they split Fedora from RHEL. Docker sees this approach as a way to better engage community. The boundaries between community and products were fuzzy before. People couldn’t necessarily tell when they are contributing to the project vs the product. This separation of code between the moby/moby repository and the docker/docker repository clarifies this distinction.

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