January 6, 2014

Digital Storm Details Its First Steam Machine: A Hybrid Windows and SteamOS Combo for $1,899

Digital Storm was one of the first companies to reveal its Steam Machine â its own take on Valve's formula for the perfect living room gaming PC. Today, the company's getting the news out ahead of Valve's announcement yet again, formally announcing that the new Digital Storm Bolt II will ship later this month for $1,899 with a hefty array of specs.

The Bolt II dual-boots Windows and SteamOS, and features liquid cooling by default â which allows the company to overclock the Intel Core i5-4670K processor to a speedy 4.2GHz right out of the reasonably small box. While the case features quite a few screws, PC builders will find components relatively easy to remove, with easy access to the hard drive bays, the memory, the graphics...

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