Disciplinary penalty of 10.000 Euro against German SCO Group

Christophorus writes “According Pro-Linux.de, the regional court of Munich I has punished the german SCO Group GmbH by an administrative fine of 10.000 Euro.

As the “tarent GmbH” and the “LinuxTag e.v” say, SCO has infringed upon the temporary injunction that prohibited to claim that Linux would contain
illegally provided intellectual property of SCO. In May 2003 the “tarent GmbH” among other enterprises had obtained this injunction.

The regional court accuses the SCO Group GmbH of “negligent behaviour” by having claim on their website that the end user who uses the software linux could be made responsible for protection violations of intellectual property of SCO still after the publishing of the temporary injunction.

The SCO Group GmbH has two possibilities: It can pay the 10.000Euro punishment or the manager is taken to prison for 10 days.”

Link: pro-linux.de


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