November 4, 2003

DotGNU 0.1 Released on CD

Norbert Bollow writes "DotGNU, the GNU project's Free Software alternative to.NET, has come a
long way in the last 2.5 years, and it is now possible to use DotGNU to
implement application programs and web services in C#, running them in
the DGEE webservice server, and integrating them with the phpGroupWare
web-based GroupWare suite.

DotGNU addresses the risk of monopolistic.NET platform vendor lock-in,
since now you can compile and run C# and C applications that use the
base class libraries, XML, and System.Windows.Forms under multiple
operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, MS Windows,
and more!

DotGNU currently consists of three main development projects (further
components will be added over time):

  • DotGNU Portable.NET, which contains an implementation of the
    Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - more commonly referred to
    as ".NET". This component contains a very portable runtime engine,
    compilers for C# and C, a C# class library, and related development
    tools. More languages (particularly Java and VB.NET) are in progress.
  • phpGroupWare, a multi-user web-based GroupWare suite, which also
    serves to provide a good collection of webservice components,
    all of which can be accessed through XML-RPC so that you can
    easily integrate them into webservice applications of your own.
  • The DGEE webservice server provides the functionality of accepting,
    validating and satisfying web service requests. It is implemented
    on top of a highly scalable distributed middleware called "Goldwater".

The DotGNU 0.1 CD-ROM is available from commercial vendors such as which sells it at .html

or you can download it as a gzip'ed iso image (219 MB) via BitTorrent
from m.iso.gz.torrent

(BitTorrent is a Free Software P2P system that allows many users to
download a file, even when the download link is being slashdotted,
without harm to the server which offers the file. You can download a
BitTorrent client here.)

Since DotGNU is Free Software, it can be freely shared. If you don't
have a CD burner, ask a friend to burn a copy for you!

For more information about the DotGNU project and how you can
contribute, please refer to or

The DotGNU project's irc channel is #dotgnu on"


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