Evolve OS – an Upcoming Linux Distribution Featuring a New Desktop Environment


Evolve OS is a fairly young project created by software engineer, Ikey Doherty. If that name seems familiar, it’s probably because it is. Ikey was the creator and lead developer of SolusOS, a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Debian Stable but incorporating many updated applications via Debian Backports as well as features such as a first-run wizard that took care of installation of non-free graphics drivers. It also featured third party codecs and plugins such as Adobe Flash included out of the box.

SolusOS proved to be quite popular, especially among those users who appreciated it’s Gnome 2 interface amidst the emergence of the new Gnome 3 or those who simply wanted an easy to use everyday Linux distribution that was closer to pure Debian. Sadly, however, during development of the new SolusOS 2 the project was abandoned due to a lack of manpower, especially as the new version was reported to be using a new desktop called Consort (a forked version of Gnome 3 Fallback Mode) and the distribution itself was becoming a more independant entity rather than purely a Debian derivative. A load that ultimately proved to be far too much for essentially a one-man team.

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