Former Apple Engineers Launch SnapRoute, An Open-source Networking Startup, Out of Stealth


A new startup called SnapRoute is playing in the world of open-source software for networking hardware in companies’ data centers. It’s notable because more than half of the team once played important roles inside Apple, managing its data center networks, and now the startup is working with the likes of HP and Facebook.

SnapRoute is contributing its FlexSwitch open-source software to Facebook’s Open Compute Project (OCP), Omar Maldonado, manager of Facebook’s network team and co-lead of OCP’s networking program, wrote in a blog post. “This contribution continues the move by the OCP networking project up the stack to higher layer networking software, and FlexSwitch is the first full L2/L3 open-source networking stack officially available on top of Facebook Wedge(and Wedge 100, once it’s generally available),” Maldonado wrote.

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