June 2, 2002

Free Embedded Linux development kit for PowerPC released

Wolfgang Denk writes:
DENX Software Engineering announces the first release of a new
Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK).

Our ELDK provides a complete and powerful software development
environment for Embedded and Real-Time Systems:

This version of ELDK runs on x86/Linux, x86/FreeBSD and on
SPARC/Solaris host operating systems and supports a wide range of
PowerPC target processors (8xx, 82xx, 7xx, 74xx, 4xx). It consists

o Cross Development Tools (Compiler, Assembler, Linker etc.) to
develop software for the target system.

o Native tools (Shell, commands and libraries) that will run on the
target system.

o PPCBoot Firmware that can easily be ported to new boards and

o Linux kernel including all device drivers, board-support functions

o RTAI (Real Time Application Interface) Extension for systems
requiring hard real-time responses.

o SELF (Simple Embedded Linux Framework) as fundament to build your
embedded systems on.

All components are available with complete source code, most of it
under GPL. Also, detailed instructions to rebuild all the tools and
packages from scratch are included.

The ELDK can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.leo.org/pub/eldk/
or ordered on CD-ROM for a nominal charge ($ 99).

Detailed information about the ELDK is available at our web page at

A version of the ELDK for ARM target processors will be available in
a couple of days.

About DENX:

DENX Software Engineering, founded exactly 3 years ago, provides
software engineering services for Embedded and Real-Time Systems. We
have a high level of expertise in that area with a strong focus on
Open Source Software, especially Linux, but also FreeBSD, NetBSD,

We port firmware and operating systems to your hardware and write
device drivers and other low-level or hardware-related software
components. We develop, tailor and install the base software for your
embedded systems and provide the solutions you need. This allows you
to put all your resources into the development of your applications.
We also provide on-the-job training for engineers who need to ramp up
quickly on how to develop software for Embedded Linux systems.

Our partner DENX Computer Systems provides a single source for
ready-to-run hardware and software solutions that guarantee a
trouble-free start of your projects. For instance we offer PowerPC
evaluation boards, development systems and standard modules with Open
Source firmware and Linux pre-installed, of course with complete free
source code. Our BDM/JTAG debuggers interface perfectly to Linux
tools (like GDB / DDD debuggers) and provide full MMU support for
Linux kernel and device driver debugging.

Additional information about our services and products is available
on our web pages at http://www.denx.de/


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