French LinuxToday discontinued


Author: JT Smith

Mikael Pawlo writes, “The much appreciated French edition of LinuxToday is terminated. According to editor-in-chief Cedric Godart, the French edition is discontinued immediately, due to short-term financial reasons. If I read Godart’s French correctly, Godart directs some criticism regarding the shutdown towards owner The web site might continue its operations as a non-profit project, but its future is very dark. Read the last message from Cedric Godart.”Here’s the translation from “As announced, the French-speaking edition of LinuxToday will cease its
activities this Tuesday 1e May. We thank our many readers and
faithful, the sites which agreed to relay our infos, and all those
which contributed to it. Many other sites, Community or commercial,
will not fail to bring your daily amount of information to you on
Linux and the Open Source. We continue to deplore this decision taken
for economic reasons in the very short term by

“Currently, we do not know if the site completely will disappear this
1e May or if you can continue to use this site as bases data. We ask
you to excuse this artistic blur, without which we would have readily

OK, there’s something lost in the translation, but you get the general idea.


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