FUDCon Goes Global in June

Article Source Fedora Community
May 22, 2009, 4:17 am

We’re having two Fedora Users and Developers Conferences (FUDCons) in June.

FUDCon Porto Alegre, in Brazil, runs from June 24 – 27.

FUDCon Berlin, in Germany, runs from June 26 – 28.

It’s still not too late to attend these events — attendance at FUDCon is always completely free. Just click the link for the event you’d like to come to, and look for more information.

FUDCon Porto Alegre

We’ve got about 30 people signed up so far. Pre-scheduled talks include Rodrigo Padula, Igor Pires Soares, Diego Búrigo Zacarão, Dennis Gilmore, and Michael Tiemann. We also have a really nice collection of hackfests shaping up over the course of the event, both in Portuguese and English.

FUDCon Berlin

We’ve got over 100 people signed up for this event, with three days of pre-scheduled talks and hackfests, including keynotes by Paul W. Frields and Jan Wildeboer.

Of interest

There will be concurrent Transifex hackfests taking place — one in Brazil led by Diego, and one in Berlin led by Dimitris. Now *that* is collaboration!