Southeast Linuxfest and Docs Fedora Activity Day

Article Source Fedora Community
May 22, 2009, 4:18 am
Unfortunately I have been far too blog-silent lately. That silence is due to so much going on.

So just to update everyone, if you haven’t already been made aware by the incredible marketing machine that is the Southeast Linuxfest, a regional Linuxfest has returned to the Southeast. No longer do you need to drive to Ohio (OLF) or fly to LA (SCaLE) to get your linuxfest fix. You can now drive to Clemson, SC and experience Linux in the GNU/South.

We have a host of awesome speakers and for my Fedora Planet readers who don’t want to make the jump, the list includes Paul Frields, Greg DeKoenigsberg, and Clint Savage.
If you are in the Southeast, or want to visit, you should go NOW, and register to attend.

And what you ask, could make, such an event even better? Getting a lot of stuff done for Fedora on the same weekend. It also happens that there seems to be a large number of Docs contributors in and around the Southeast, so the day after SELF there is a Docs FAD at the same location. Want to get involved in the Fedora Documentation Project, or help shape its future, this is the place to do it. Make sure you add your name to the list of attendees so we know how to plan.