April 29, 2004

Gentoo gearing up for the enterprise

Anonymous Reader writes "Now that the founder and chief architect of the Gentoo Linux project, Daniel Robbins, has resigned from his post, what's next for Gentoo's growth ambitions with enterprise distributions?

On the heels of Gentoo Project's latest Linux distribution, version 2004.1 which came out today, contributors and project managers said Robbins' departure may help spur Gentoo to new acceptance among enterprise players.

"Daniel's departure from Gentoo was preceded by a lot of flak from developers regarding the constant delays in getting a not-for-profit organization set up, thereby transitioning Gentoo away from Daniel's sole ownership (in terms of intellectual property, which had been owned by Daniel's Gentoo Technologies, Inc.)," Gentoo's head of developer relations, Jon Portnoy, told internetnews.com."

Link: internetnews.com


  • Linux
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