August 17, 2009

GPL Possibly Violated by Satellite Receivers

Article Source The H
August 17, 2009, 8:25 am

A Danish Linux developer intends to take legal action against ViaSat, a provider of satellite receivers. Rasmus Rohde, who has himself contributed some patches to the Linux kernel, has discovered that the Samsung DSB-H670N receiver sold by ViaSat has Kernel 2.6.12 and BusyBox utilities on board, although the company doesn't say that the equipment contains GPL/LGPL code. Nor does ViaSat provide the source code anywhere for downloading, as required by the GPL.

"Rohde says he took this up with NDS, the company behind the encryption software used in the receivers, but encountered only silence from ViaSat, so now sees no alternative to taking legal action against them for copyright infringement...

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