GSoC: Open Source Event Manager Organizer Dashboard


In the past 4 months during this years Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for open source software projects, Christian Bruckmayer collaborated with other students and mentors to code a dashboard for the Open Source Event Manager  (OSEM). In this series of three posts Christian will tell you about his project and what he has learned from this experience. 

Christian BruckmayerHey my name is Christian and I’m a student currently in the third year of the Bachelor of Science course with information systems and management major in Nuremberg, Germany. During my time at university I already was interested in developing web applications and gained first experience. Google Summer of Code at openSUSE was a great opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and work together with other excellent developers. There are only two weeks left which makes now the perfect time to summarize what I have achieved and learned so far.

About the Open Source Event Manager (OSEM)

With OSEM it’s incredible easy to set up and manage all tasks to organize a successful open source conference. As conference organizer you can let people register for your event, run a call for papers and create an entertaining schedule out of users proposals. And as participant you have a central place to get all the info about the event.


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