Habana Labs Preps More Linux Code For Their AI Accelerators With The 5.7 Kernel


Habana Labs, the AI accelerator start-up being acquired by Intel, has more driver improvements on tap for Linux 5.7.

Habana Labs has been a good open-source supporter with punctually working on their mainline Linux driver enablement for their products. Their upstream Linux driver work started off at the start of 2019 with their for their Goya inference accelerator and increasing work on their Gaudi AI training product. They have been aiming to land their Gaudi enablement in Linux 5.7~5.8 but now it’s looking like that will be the latter kernel if not longer.

For Linux 5.7 is more work on prepping their driver for Gaudi and future products but for now are not supported.

[Source: Phoronix]