Happy Little Accidents – Debugging JavaScript


Last year I gave a talk in HelsinkiJS and Turku ❤️ Frontend meetups titled Happy Little Accidents – The Art of Debugging (slides).

This week I was spending a lot of time debugging weird timezone issues and the talk popped back up from my memories. So I wanted to write a more detailed and Javascript focused post about the different options.

Print to console

All of the examples below are ones you can copy-paste to your developer console and starting playing around with.


One of the most underrated but definitely powerful tool is console.log and its friends. It’s also usually the first and easiest step in inspecting what might be the issue. …


Javascript’s debugger keyword is a magical creature. It gives you access to the very spot with full access to local and global scope. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example with a React Component that gets some props passed down to it.

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