Job Hunt Etiquette: New Best Practices for 2019


Although a lot has changed about the job interview process over the years, basic interview etiquette rules still apply. Be polite. Don’t lie about your experience. Send a thank you note. Follow up with hiring managers to stay top of mind. Avoid wearing a Darth Vader costume to your interview. (The last one should go without saying, but based on CareerBuilder’s annual survey on interview mistakes, at least one person could have used this tip before their interview.)

Classic advice like this holds true today, but in the digital era, there are nuances that job seekers should keep in mind. For instance, candidates no longer have to snail mail their thank you letters – email is instantaneous. But how soon is too soon – the next day? When they are leaving the building? Is texting OK?

We tapped experts to answer these and other pressing questions about job hunting rules and follow-up etiquette for 2019. Here’s their advice and updated best practices for job seekers.

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