Helios: Eclipse 3.6 Milestone 1 released

Article Source The H
August 10, 2009, 4:21 am

Developer Chris Aniszczyk has announced the availability of the first milestone for Eclipse 3.6, the first section of the next release train called Helios, named after the ancient Greek personification of the Sun. In recent years, the Eclipse development environment has become a very popular open source project. As a flexible software tool kit, Eclipse can integrate products from several vendors as plug-ins, for example for modelling, development and software tests; for some time now, Eclipse hasn’t just been about Java.

The Helios development of version 3.6 of Eclipse is taking place at the same time as development for Eclipse 4 (E4). Eclipse 4 will be the “next generation” of the Java development environment that will incorporate several familiar web technologies and reportedly put them to new uses. The latest development release of Eclipse 4, version 0.9, was released at the end of July…

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