Heptio Comes Out of Stealth Mode with a Kubernetes Configuration Tool, ksonnet


Deploying the Kubernetes container orchestration is about to get a lot easier, according to Craig McLuckie, the founding member of the Kubernetes open source project. McLuckie, who started the project at Google along with Joe Beda, co-founded Heptio six months ago with Beda to make Kubernetes more accessible. The company popped out of stealth mode at the GlueCon develop conference last month with its launch of the ksonnet Kubernetes configuration tool.

ksonnet was designed to help automate the modeling and management of complex Kubernetes deployments “in a way that is easy to share and reuse,” said Daniel Lopez, CEO and co-founder, Bitnami, which was part of the team collaborating on ksonnet, along with Box, Microsoft, and container software provider Deis (which Microsoft is acquiring).

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