Heptio Launches Its Kubernetes ‘Un-Distribution’


Heptio holds a special place in the Kubernetes startup ecosystem. Its co-founders, Craig McLuckie and Joe Beda, are, after all, also two of the co-founders of the Kubernetes project (together with Brendan Burns), which launched inside of Google. Heptio also raised $8.5 million when it launched in 2016 (and another $25 million last year), but it was never quite clear what the company’s actual business plan looked like beyond offering training and professional services. That’s becoming quite a bit clearer now, though, as the company today announced the launch of the Heptio Kubernetes Subscription.

I always assumed that Heptio would launch some kind of Kubernetes distribution in the near future — and that’s kind of what this is, but the company is also putting a different spin on this. 

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