How to Balance Development Goals with Security and Privacy


As a software security evaluator and a one-time engineer, I can confirm what the daily security breaches are telling us: software engineers and architects regularly fail at building in sufficient security and privacy. As someone who has been on both sides of this table, I’d like to share some of my own security-related engineering sins and provide some practical advice for both engineers and security officers on how best to balance development goals with privacy concerns.

I started programming many years ago, working in a role where I created artificial intelligence software for data analysis. My team and I built innovative software solutions for predicting behavior, such as programs that could aid in preventing crimes. As enthusiastic engineers, we were so focused on building something cool and of great value that we tended to overlook the security risks in our programs, profoundly annoyed when privacy officers said “no” to what we wanted to do. This behavior typically resulted in unofficial implementations with unfortunate privacy anti-patterns (nicknamed in capitals): COLLECTTOOMUCH, KEEPTOOLONG, BADSECURITY, and SCATTER, the last of which refers to storing data elsewhere without keeping it up to date. I also saw LEAKEXTERNAL,…

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