‘Sed’ Command In Linux: Useful Applications Explained


Have you ever needed to replace some text in a file really quickly? Then you have to open up your text editor, find the line, and then type out your replacement. What if you have to do that many times? What if it isn’t also exactly the same thing and you have to run multiple searches and replace each occurrence? It gets tedious very quickly, but there’s a better way of doing it with a tool called sed.

We’ve written about POSIX and went over some of the interfaces and utilities a system must provide in order to be POSIX compliant. The command line tool sed is one of those utilities that provide a feature-rich way to filter, find, substitute, and rearrange data in texts files. It is an extremely powerful tool that is very easy to get started with, but very difficult to learn through and through due to its seemingly endless number of features.

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