How to Easily Purge Unwanted Repositories in Linux


After a year of so of working with Ubuntu Linux (or derivative such as Elementary OS), I almost always find myself with a number of repositories from software I may have installed and removed or never really needed in the first place. That means /etc/apt/sources.d can get pretty crowded and the apt update process becomes a bit sluggish. Or worse, repositories can become broken, bringing apt update to halt. Because of this, I try hard to keep those repositories to a minimum. One way to do this is to simply open a terminal window and comb through that directory (deleting any unnecessary .list file).

Sure, you can install the third-party ppa-purge tool, but with that you must know the official name of the repository. I don’t know about you, but after installing a PPA, the official name escapes me moments later. Fortunately, there’s an easier way—one that’s already built into the distribution. Those who would rather deal with the command line as little as possible will find this tool incredibly easy to use.

Let me show you how to remove repositories from your Linux distribution, with the help of a user-friendly GUI.

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