Cloud Computing in HPC Surges


According to the two leading analyst firms covering the high performance computing market, the use of the cloud for HPC workloads is looking a lot more attractive to users these days.

Intersect360 offered the most upbeat assessment in this regard, noting that cloud spending by HPC customers grew by a whopping 44 percent from 2016 to 2017, calling it a “breakout year” for this product category. According to the company’s market data, that put cloud-based spending at around $1.1 billion for 2017. And even though that represents only about three percent of total HPC revenue for the year, it’s a high-water mark for cloud computing in this space.

The big jump in cloud spending was driven by a number of different factors, according the Intersect360 folks, including “increasing facilities costs for hosting HPC, maturation of application licensing models, increased availability of high-performance cloud resources, and a spike in requirements for machine learning applications.”

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