How to Maximize the Scalability of Your Containerized Environment


One main reason to use containers is that they help make apps, services and environments highly scalable. But that doesn’t happen magically. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of containers, you have to build your stack and configure your environment in ways that maximize scalability.

Below, I take a look at some strategies that can ensure that your containers and the software they host are as scalable as they can be.
Defining Scalability

First, though, let’s spend a moment discussing what scalability means, exactly, and what it looks like in practice.
Scalability can take multiple forms:

  • Being able to increase or decrease the capacity of an application without adding or subtracting deployments. For example, perhaps your web app has 10,000 users per day today and you want it to be able to handle 20,000 without creating a new instance of the app. You could scale in this way by assigning more resources to the app.

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