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How to See What’s Going On With Your Linux System Right Now


Is that service still running? What application is using that TCP port? These questions and more can be answered easily by sysadmins who know simple Linux commands.

If you’re a system administrator responsible for Linux servers, it’s essential that you master the Bash shell, especially the commands that show what software is running. That’s necessary for troubleshooting, obviously, but it is always a good idea to know what’s happening on a server for other reasons—not the least of which is security awareness.

Previously, I summarized 16 Linux server monitoring commands you really need to knowwhat to do when a Linux server keels over, and Linux commands you should never use. Here are some more commands to further your system administration skills—and help you identify the current status of your Linux server. I consider these commands to be fundamentals, whether your servers run on bare iron, a virtual machine, or a container with a lifespan of only a few hours.

To put these in some kind of context, let’s follow sysadmin Sammie as she goes through a typical day.

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