Thoughts on the New State of DevOps Report


This week, the latest State of DevOps report by the team at DORA was released. There is a lot of conversations in various social media platforms on what makes an engineering team ‘successful’ and how to increase feature velocity in tech companies and the DORA report does not just rely on anecdotes but surveys the field using rigorous scientific methods and statistical constructs to back or debunk common practices with real data. Because of the strong scientific backbone of their findings, I have been following the report for the last few years. If you have not, the book Accelerate is a great way to learn the findings of the previous four years.

Database management as a part of team performance

One of the new things in this year’s report is expanding behaviors by high performing teams to more than just ‘development’ practices. This year expands the view on high performing engineering organizations to how these organizations handle database management.

We discovered that good communication and comprehensive configuration management that includes the database matter. Teams that do well at continuous delivery store database changes as scripts in version control and manage these changes in the same way as production application changes.

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