January 12, 2004

Intel Joins the Fray

Chuck Talk writes "It appears that no less a company than Intel Corporation has thrown its hat into the ring against the Chicken Little of the software industry, joining with the OSDL and IBM in order to put together a fund to defend Linux Users from suspect litigation. Although many new outlets refuse to carry the facts and instead prefer to accept the ideation that the Sky is Falling (SM), I prefer to look at things from a perspective that does not glorify useless litigation.

I would say that Intel has, in effect, told the SCO Group: "Tell your story walking, pal. Real business needs to get done and you are merely a nuisance."

No doubt this shall lead to more low-level discussion with users of Linux by the SCO Group. No doubt, more writers will jump aboard the clueless train to tell us we should feel threatened. They will believe the world is a gullible place filled with sheep. They are wrong.

In the real world of business, the only way to move forward is to take risks. The SCO Groups risk factor is diminishing daily by the continual marshalling of forces determined to end the sideshow routine. In my life I have witnessed the fourth estate go from champion of the people to champion of the body corporate - to hell with the people. Such is its loss and ours for allowing it to continue to the low status it has achieved."

Link: orangecrate.com


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