April 29, 2004

Interview with Andrew Brown: OpenOffice.org

Sam Hiser writes "I came across the name, Andrew Brown, innocently with only the best intentions. Several journalists had been complaining that they would love to use OpenOffice but couldn't possibly consider it on the grounds that it lacked the word-count feature -- which was "surely you understand" precious to them.

In fact, OOo has always had word-count, but it's burried under File -> Properties on the Statistics tab (rather than in the obvious place, Tools -> Word Count, in MS Office). OOo still as of v1.1.1 lacks the ability to count a specific selection of text...egaad!

So -- relying on the favour of journalists for the odd kind word -- I went searching the Web for answers, anything to be able to help. Turns out Andrew Brown had produced a solution and so much more..."

Link: consultingtimes.com

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