January 12, 2004

Interview: Peter Hunnisett of TransGaming

USA Linux Users Group writes "TransGaming is a company that produces the well known Windows emulator WineX. The product is of the few that properly emulates the DirectX engine for the GNU/Linux platform. WineX has grown to be a GNU/Linux gamer's bestfriend.

USALUG: Please give a brief description of your job at TransGaming, and yourexperience with Open Source.

Peter Hunnisett: My name is Peter Hunnisett and my title at TransGaming Technologies is Manager of Software Development. I'm responsible for Linux products and new technology which to most of your readers will mean WineX and Point2Play; but it also includes The Sims, Kohan ports and more. I started with open source back in 1998 with the Wine project and that is what dovetailed into my employment at TransGaming Technologies. I've also made some small contributions to Phex, a P2P servent, and have been a user of Linux for almost a decade now (where does the time go?)

Link: usalug.org


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