March 27, 2007

Interview with a technology patent attorney

Anonymous Reader writes "The phrase "I am not a lawyer" (IANAL for short) is used with alarming frequency when publicly discussing the increasing number of legal issues surrounding patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets (what is commonly referred to generally as intellectual property, or IP for short) in the technology industry. Seldom do we hear directly from the IP trenches; most of the public commentary on IP issues seems to come from bloggers, so-called "luminaries" or "thought leaders," news editors, and press-hungry CEOs, few or none of whom are qualified to offer informed opinions on these subjects. In this interview, Jack Haken, the vice president of the Philips Intellectual Property and Standards and 2006-2007 visiting professor at Fudan University Law School in Shanghai, China describes some of the work he does as an IP attorney for a technology company that has had a significant impact on the computer, audio, and video technology industries, explains some of the issues facing technology companies today, and offers some advice to open source software developers."



  • Legal
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