April 29, 2004

Java and XML Rich Client Framework

Luan O'Carroll writes "Xoetrope, a Dublin based software vendor, is pleased to announce the final release of XUI 1.0.3 a Java and XML framework for the creation of rich client applications.

XUI saves up to 70% of the code typically needed to build client applications. The applications run on a variety of platforms from hand-held devices through to desktops.

Occasionally connected applications written with XUI can work off-line and carry out updates as bandwidth becomes available, perfect for mobile computing or web applications where response times inhibit performance.

The XUI framework is available from the XUI website at http://xui.sourceforge.net, additional technical information is available on the Xoetrope website at http://www.xoetrope.com

Xoetrope also supply a commercial extension of XUI called Carousel which simplifies the integration of data,
communications and localization. More information can be found at http://www.xoetrope.com/carousel/carousel.shtml

See http://www.xoetrope.com/demos/screenshots.shtml for Screenshots of XUI applications. Running examples, including standalone and browser based applications can be found at: http://www.xoetrope.com/demos/examplesintro.shtml.

Additional documentation is located on the website at: http://www.xoetrope.com/reference/referenceIntro.s html"

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