Kernel Log: Alsa Driver for the X-Fi, Debate Over TuxOnIce

Article Source The H
May 21, 2009, 1:24 am

The Linux kernel will soon include a driver for Creative’s X-Fi sound cards. After a long pause, the kernel development team are once again debating merging TuxOnIce.

ALSA and kernel developer Takashi Iwai has received an open source driver for X-Fi PCI sound cards from Creative, which he evaluates as being of a sufficiently high standard to be included in the ALSA driver package and the Linux kernel. Not being a proud X-Fi owner, however, he has been unable to test the snd-ctxfi driver himself and has therefore called on users who do own an X-Fi card to give the driver a whirl ‚Äì and over the last few days several users have indeed done so, providing plenty of feedback…