KSI Linux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

KSI Linux (current release is 2.0) is a powerful well built
distribution with support for
Russian, English and Ukranian languages.

About KSI-Linux

Number 1 Russian and Ukranian Linux – suitable for all!

OS Linux has become the most popular UNIX-like operating system about the end of XX century, and also a cheap alternative to cost-intensive (HP,
Sun Solaris, Digital
UNIX) solutions. At present, the pace of Linux’ occupying the marked (compared to other OSes) is the most intensive and the tendency stay on.

The strong point of Linux is it’s mulipurpose nature. Linux covers all the range of applications, from desktop PC to powerful
super-high-performance clusters of computer
systems. Today multiprocessing Linux kernel successfully functions on a wide range of hardware platforms: PC, DEC Alpha, Apple Macintosh, DEC VAX,
PalmPilot, HP
PA-RISC, Sun Microsystems SPARC and Ultra-SPARC-64, StrongArm, etc.

A wellknown problem of software localization in order to suit Russina and Ukrainian’ users requirements is not viewed by western manufacturers of
Linux distributions as the
one worth an attention. Instead they are annoyed with quantities of small bugs in different Linux distributions, with the absence of qualified
consulting and product technical
support services for Ukrainian users. The spectrum of applications distributed with Linux system by foreign vendors is insufficient to solve the set
of tasks common for
Ukrainian users, ISPs, other IT companies.

On January 27, 1999, with conformance to the world-wide process of Linux development, an own custom Linux distribution — KSI Linux 2.0 (Nostromo)
— was announced by
Global Ukraine engineers. This new version has been developed for about a year after previous, 1.2 (Tornado) version of KSI Linux was issued.

The arrival of this distribution is backed by desire to get an industrial quality, full-featured all-in-one product, which will be developed in
conformance with Linux project
world-wide. KSI Linux project assumes distribution of the product almost for free (at the cost of CDROM) and provision of support and consulting
services for Ukrainian users.

KSI Linux 2.0 distribution (already available on CDROM) is supplied with a set of software packages necessary and sufficient for many common tasks.

At present, the process of “KSI Linux Co.” creation is almost complete. Company’s main goal is the most complete and qualified satisfaction for a
demand of Ukrainian
companies and enterprises, and personal users, for this software product, and provision of technical support and consulting services for them.

Even today the emerging company is able to satisfy Ukrainian market demand for ready-to-run, stable, localized, professional quality Linux
distribution, and in the nearest
future the company will be able to extend it’s supply to the international market of former-USSR countries. The product went through a year of field
testing at Global Ukraine’
production servers. Today KSI Linux backs up almost every PC-platform server of first complete Linux distribution built around the new-generation
kernel of version 2.2.x,
while all other Linux distributions offered worldwide are based at 2.0.x kernels. The product than get an ability to support all the modern PC
hardware which arrived on the
market during last two years — RAID arrays, watchdogs, scanners, TV-cards etc.

KSI Linux Company, 15.03.1999
phone: (380)-044-249-1726.
Moscow distributors: