November 4, 2003

Letter From Richard Seibt, CEO SuSE Linux

Chuck Talk writes "Below is a copy of the letter as written verbatim from Richard Seibt, CEO of SuSE Linux in regard to the current SCO Group litigation and the future of United Linux. I have not modified this in an way, as it it my policy to give the speaker the chance to state their views.

"Linux is a disruptive technology, troubling to many, puzzling to some, potentially freeing to all.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "First, they ignore you. Then , they laugh at you. Then, they fight you.,Then, you win!"

With every disruptive technology, there will be those who will fight to maintain the status quo, fight to hold on to a losing proposition - and we are seeing that now.

As CEO of SuSE Linux, I thought it was time to address some of the fear, uncertainty and doubt concerning SCO and Linux that seems to make it into the press on a regular basis.



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