December 18, 2014

LG's webOS 2.0 TVs are Coming to CES

LG's attempt to resurrect webOS for smart TVs is entering a new phase at CES 2015. A wide range of webOS 2.0 TVs will be displayed in Vegas, and LG is focusing on performance; the company says that starting the YouTube app from the home screen is 70 percent faster, for example, and overall boot times should be up to 60 percent quicker.

Bean Bird is back

New OS features include a "My Channels" option that lets you access favorite channels from the launcher bar, along with a redesigned input picker and a quick settings mode that doesn't interrupt the current TV show. LG is also working with the likes of Netflix and Amazon to secure options for 4K streaming content. And it looks like Bean Bird is back with a vengeance.

LG says that over...

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