October 27, 2003

Libranet 2. 8.1 Flagship Edition review

Anonymous Reader writes "Will Senn reviews for OSNews the Libranet 2.8.1 Flagship Edition."

Libranet is Debian based. This is good for Debian lovers. Other folks coming from Redhat based distributions or Slackware will find it merely different. Package management is where Debian shines, updating and installing applications is a snap using Synaptic, or really any .deb tool. There is a lot of community support for Libranet. There is a even a forum area dedicated to Libranet:

That is enough overview. Let's get started on the nitty gritty. People who are used to downloading the latest version of their favorite distribution - to give it a shot, will be shocked to learn that Libranet costs, money. Not a lot, for the value it provides, but unlike some distributions, it definitely costs, period. It costs $69.95 US for the Flagship Edition - 2 CDs or $64.95 US to download. That having been said, I strongly suggest that you read on. There is definite value to be had in a distribution that costs. Libranet adds value.

Link: OSNews.com


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