Linux For Beginners: Understanding The Many Versions Of Ubuntu


But did you know there are seven different “flavors” of Ubuntu?* 

I’ll briefly explain the kind of user each Ubuntu version is designed for, what differentiates them and what you can expect from each distribution’s desktop environment (basically its look and feel). It’s not an exhaustive deep dive on each one; hopefully just enough to get you pointed adventurously in the right direction.

And remember, you can try each one out for yourself by downloading the OS and creating a Live USB. It’s an easy process, and then you can test drive it right off the USB stick without making any changes to your PC.

…As you learned in the introduction to Linux Desktop Environments, the biggest distinction comes down to look and feel. That’s often driven by the hardware requirements for each flavor. So we’re talking about how windows behave, what the file browser looks like, how you access your day-to-day apps or activities and what the overall appearance is.

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