February 9, 2004

Linux Brings Frustration

Last night, Saturday night, was the big night. Jeff (my eight-year-old son) and I sat down to install Sun's Java Desktop on the family PC in the
dining room. Almost four hours and a few frustrations later, we had a working, Linux PC. Jeff was very pleased at the improvement of his login time
from 2 1/2 minutes under Windows XP to a mere 16 seconds under Linux. Wow! What does Windows do that it takes 2 1/2 minutes to log a user in? After I
showed him the snake game that ships as part of the Gnome desktop, Jeff went to bed happy.

Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse. As I began to write this blog entry at the breakfast table, Jeff was trying to play some games
on his favorite websites, and with very mixed success. My eight-year old has gone from happy to grumpy in the space of a half-hour. In fact, he's
downright mad, says he hates Linux, and just stormed out of the room in frustration.

Link: oreillynet.com


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