Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

User friendly and fast (Pentium optimizations),
Mandrake features many graphical interfaces (KDE, GNOME, WindowMaker, AfterStep, IceWM…) and is also compatible with applications packaged for
RedHat Linux. Mandrake won two awards: “Best Product of the Year” and “Best Linux Distribution/Server”, and was a finalist for “Linux
Distribution/Client”. Easy, for everybody!

Linux-MandrakeTM is a friendly Linux Operating System. It provides ease of
use for both home/office and servers. It is freely available in many languages, all over the world.


What is Mandrake exactly?

Inside Linux Mandrake, the graphical interfaces like KDE, GNOME, AfterStep, WindowMaker, IceWM etc. are fully integrated in a very modern
distribution, 100% compatible with application packaged for Red Hat! You don’t have to spend hours to get all those graphical interfaces to work: once
Mandrake is installed, everything works: you just have to choose which one you want to use… Linux-Mandrake also features the “Mandrake touch,”
MandrakeSoft’s signature on graphical interfaces that gives users the power to use their Linux system easily, including easy CD-Rom and floppy disk
access and easy Internet upgrades using “Mandrake Update” icon. Mandrake is easier to use than any other Linux systems: just get it, install it and

Give me a reason to try it!

Don’t lose your time, don’t lose your money!

With Mandrake, you get a full graphical Linux system, 100% compatible with RedHattm, with a full effective Graphical Desktop Manager and
many improvements (True-Type fonts integrated, Pentium optimization for best performances, many end-user applications…).

Linux-Mandrake? It’s Easy, for Everybody!

More informations about Mandrake can be found on:

Message to Linux developers:

All our software is released under the General Public License (GPL). You can contribute and influence Linux-Mandrake development through our
experimental Mandrake distribution called “The Cooker”. Join us!