May 31, 2007

The Linux Test project ltp-20070531 released

Subrata Modak writes "The Linux Test Project test suite has been released for the month of May 2007. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS and can be found at Our web site also contains other information such as:

- A Linux test tools matrix

- Technical papers

- How To's on Linux testing

- Code coverage analysis tool.

Release Highlights:

* Addition of 'inotify' syscall testcase(s) by

* KDUMP and UTSNAMESPACE testcases(s) maturing with more community contribution

* Removal of Invalid Testcase(s) "alarm04" & "sig_rev"

* Fixing of "su01_s1", "gethostid01" and "swapon02" testcases

* Fixing wrong usage of "pthread_exit" and other thread APIs

* Correction of "Checksums" for "ipc_stress" testcases

* Gcov-Kernel Patches for linux-2.6.18, 2.6.19, 2.6.20 & 2.6.21

* Closing down long existing LTP Bugs

Note(s) from the Maintainer:

* Following are the important Highlights of Different Linux Kernel Releases. The Latest release of LTP testsuite package does not cover functionality/regression testcases of any of those new functionalities introduced. Hence, we request active contribution of new testcases from community members to cover all those functionalities:

Individual kernel statistics:



August 29, 2005

4,172 changes

5,184 files changed, 421,972 insertions(+), 211,031 deletions(-)

2.38 patches per hour

Execute-in-place support

CPU hotplug for i386


PCI code rewritten to ignore the BIOS

Voluntary preemption

HZ can be changed at build time

XTensa arch

I/O priorities added to the CFQ scheduler


runtime selectable TCP congestion algorithm

Lots of TCP congestion modules added


                  TCP Hybla

                  High Speed TCP

                  TCP Westwood

                  TCP BIC

DRM support for VIA Unichrome

DRM 32/64bit ioctl compatibility

ACLs for NFSv3

"Trusted computing" driver added

devfs is disabled from the configuration, but is still present



October 17, 2005

3,138 patches

5,274 files changed, 331,748 insertions(+), 177,315 deletions(-)

2.22 patches per hour

Numa aware scheduler

smap file in proc to show true memory usage of processes

nmap_maps file in proc

lock-free file descriptor lookup, benchmarks are even faster now

SELinux memory improvements

spinlock cleanups

accounting subsystem can now handle files bigger than 2Gb

auto-detect kernel soft lockups

kzalloc() added

ppc64 adds 4 level page support, increasing the ammount of supported memory to

64 Terrabytes

32bit ppc gets cpu hotplug support

ISA DMA suspend support

PPTP protocol added for support with windows machines

DCCP protocol added

SKB fast clone added

netlink connector added

Lots of new IPV6 options added

FUSE added (userspace filesystems)

Plan9 filesystem added

NTFS fixes to allow Windows to work better

relayfs added

securityfs added

ext3 and ext2 get security labeling

SCSI SAS transport class added

removed ACPI S4 BIOS support

ipw2100 and ipw2200 (centrino wireless) drivers added

HostAP support added

radeon r300 3d support added

PCI PM CAP v3 support added

possessor permission added to key support

hdaps driver added

apple usb touchpad driver added



January 3, 2006

5,410 changes

6,327 files changed, 471,327 insertions(+), 324,487 deletions(-)

3.31 patches per hour

shared subtrees support added

page table scalability improvements (more benchmark fun)

SMP scalability optimizing for large systems

reordered files_struct

swaptoken tuning

demand faulting for huge pages

add generic memory add and remove support (memory hotplug!)

i/o scheduler improvements

process event connector added

rcu torture testing kernel module

class device structures can now be nested /proc/mounts is now pollable

LSM hooks for key management facilities added

i386 added cmpxchg function

i386 physical hotplug cpu added

NTFS write support

CIFS update for more interoperability

UFO networking feature added

randomize the bind port for security protection

netfilter support for ipv6

generic netlink

PPP MPPE protocol added for connections to windows machines

ABC network congestion control support added

IPV6 RFC 3484 support added

loads of wireless updates

SAK processing speedups

SATA drivers for SI, Marvel and Promise devices added

IDE support for AMD Geode, CS5535 and M3A-2170 devices

IDE support for BCM1250 dvices

IDE via82cxx driver

input wistron driver support added

e1000 multi-queue support added

sysfs support for ide tape, raid5 and md

frame console rotation can be done on the fly

Artemis and ATIK USB cameras support added

bluetty USB driver deleted

nvidia geforce 7800 series frame buffer support added

radeon pci express support added

matrox mystique AGP support added

Rapid I/O subsystem added

Omnikey cardman 4040 and 4000 smartcard reader support added



March 20, 2006

5,734 patches

6,721 files changed, 392,461 insertions(+), 202,469 deletions(-)

3.14 patches per hour

13 new *at syscalls

pselect / ppoll syscalls added

unshare syscall added

mutex primitive added

hi resolution timers added

swap migration for NUMA systems added

allow all caches to be flushed by a userspace trigger

per mountpoint noatime/nodiratime flags

EDAC support added

Lots of performance fixes:

dentry structure shrunk

struct page structure shrunk

tty layer buffering rework

gcc 2.9x support dropped

swsusp image encryption support removed

MD got sysfs support

SPI subsystem added

CPU topology support added to sysfs

AMD Geode GX and LX processor support added

sparsemem support for single processor

Intel ICH8 support added

SPU file system added for cell processors

CPU frequency support added for G5 processors

thermal control for G5s

new G5 processor support added

kexec for PPC added

OCFS2 cluster filesystem added

configfs filesystem added

FUSE limits removed

NFSv4 fixes

NFS large reads and writes added

readpage support for v9fs added

external journal device for ext3 added

direct I/O for FAT fs added

relayfs support for global relay buffers added

XFS support for SELinux

Kerberos and ACL support for CIFS added

TIPC network protocol added

IFB network device added

IPSec LSM hooks added

TCP BIC support updated

numa aware netfilter changes

DCCPv6 protocol added

add ability to corrupt network packets randomly

ata_piix suspend support added

modalias support added for ide devices

modalias support added for input devices

geyser2 touchpad driver added

USB ADSL modems for ADI eagle devices added

Lots of USB storage quirks added

ATI/Phillips USB RF driver support added

Posiflex PP-7000 USB printer driver added

ftdi_sio devices added

ATIK USB astronomical CCD support added

hostap firmware flashing support

Marvell Yukon2 Gigabit ethernet support added

vlan acceleration support added to sky2 driver

ipx2000 Intel network driver added

power management support for lots of sound devices added

Lots of video for linux driver updates



June 17 2006

6,113 changes

6,321 files changed, 416,664 insertions(+), 308,709 deletions(-)

2.89 patches per hour

splice, tee, and vmsplice syscall added

sync_file_range syscall added

new schedular domain for multi-core processors added

lightweight robust futexes added

block queue io tracing support added

userspace interface to swsusp added /proc/slab_allocators added

mountstats information added to procfs

mprotect now enabled for huge pages


CFQ performance tuning

FMODE_EXEC file flag support added

improved module version support for external modules added

SMP alternatices for i386 added to patch instructions in the kernel on the fly

CONFIG_REGPARM enabled by the default

1Gb process stack randomiziation added (used to be 8Mb)

make isoimage support added

memory hotadd without sparsemem added

lots of Cell processor updates

ext3 performance improvements

xfs tweaks

jfs mount options added

ext2 attributes added to jfs

jfs support for splice added

FUSE O_ASYNC and O_NONBLOCK support added

NFS I/O performance counters added

NFS client metrics added

RPC I/O stats added

relayfs support made generic

debugs blob support added

sysfs attributes are now pollable

syscall audit records added to SELinux

RFC 4191 IPv6 support added

DCCP sysctls added

softmac wireless driver layer added

lots of new wireless drivers added (broadcom included)

PCI legacy proc support removed

IPMI driver model support added

new device ids and drivers for video added

big libata update with new devices and fixes

SCSI cache settings added to sysfs

braille device support for all input devices added

SNES mouse support added

unified the USB touchscreen driver for all touchscreens

loads of new USB device support added

Huge network driver updates

large sound driver updates

acpi dock support added

i2c support for new controllers added

LED class support added, along with a lot of diferent LED drivers.

Secure digital driver support added

Niagara multicore CPU processor support added.

We encourage the community to post results to, and patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to, 3382&atid=103382 (for New Bug(s)), 3382&atid=303382 (for New Patch(s)), 3382&atid=353382 (for New Feature Request(s))

See ChangeLog Below:

-Removing "alarm04.c" & "sig_rev.c" as they are no more valid, fixes Bug no."1236586", pointed by


ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/alarm/Attic/alarm04. c

ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/alarm/Attic/sig_rev. c

- fixed problem with "expect" in "su01" testcase


- modified to run kdump tests on non RH and SUSE machines




- added summary file for printing results table, and, added reboot command to test script




-Removing unwanted Config Variables from 'setup' script as submitted by


- removed unnecessary info from summary script


- points that “clone2” should be used in case of IA64 for the Utsnamespace testcases

ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/libclone/libclone. c

ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/libclone/libclone. h

ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/utsname/check_utsn s_enabled.c

-Patch for libclone.h for fixing compilation error on 32 bit Z-series machines, submitted by

ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/libclone/libclone. h

-Restoring Hostname to Original after "UTSTEST", fix by



ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/utsname/runutstest .sh

-Applied Patch to fix the wrong usage of pthread_exit, pointed out by




-Fix for Bug no. "1537172" => Improper condition decision of mmap(), as reported by

ltp/testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/shmem_test_02. c

- corrected the checksums for these testcases

ltp/testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/shmem_test_02. c

ltp/testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/shmem_test_03. c

ltp/testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/shmem_test_07. c

-Fix for Bug No. "1537169" => Doesn't handle the special Signal : 34, reported by

ltp/testcases/kernel/ipc/ipc_stress/signal_test_05 .c

-Fix for Bug No. "1542453", default value of param x doesn't work in 'mmap1', pointed out by


- fixes -v option, thread handling, usage of OPT_MISSING macro, etc


- fixed wrong use of "pthread_exit" input argument and the related "pthread_join"


- fixed the use of shmid, exit(0) and readable output

- fixed wrong use of exit_value, shared memory region and pthread_join


-Fix for some anomalies in 'shm_test" case as pointed out by 'Nadia Derbey '


- fixed ways by which Threads are handled


-Fixing "gethostid01" to work fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines, pointed out by

ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/gethostid/gethostid0 1.c

- submitted new Testcases for "inotify" syscall on both file(s) and folder(s)




- added README for "inotify" testcase


- added proper indentation, EBUSY error and functions in correct place


-gcov-kernel: adding gcov-kernel patch for 2.6.18 /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 18-gcov-arm-hack.patch, /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 18-gcov.patch

-lcov: minor help text update /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/lcov/bin/lcov

-gcov-kernel: adding gcov-kernel patch for 2.6.19 /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 19-gcov-arm-hack.patch, /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 19-gcov.patch

-gcov-kernel: adding gcov-kernel patch for 2.6.20 /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 20-gcov-arm-hack.patch, /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 20-gcov.patch

gcov-kernel: adding gcov-kernel patch for 2.6.21 /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 21-gcov-arm-hack.patch, /cvsroot/ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6. 21-gcov.patch

Regards & Thanks--

Subrata Modak"

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