October 27, 2003

Linux trials

As Linux continues its apparently unstoppable march over the server and desktop market, more and more people are writing to PC Plus asking why we dont
try hardware out on Linux for compatibility checks. Questions like these make sense after all, with so many users weighing the pros and cons of
ditching Windows in favour of Linux, they want to know how good Linux hardware support is, and particularly for cutting-edge kit. Unfortunately, in
practice, providing a simple yes or no answer is rather harder than it may initially appear which is why its a rare product that finds Linux support
specifically tested in the review process.

The big problem
As a magazine, we pride ourselves on being rather higher-end than the overwhelming majority of other magazines on the shelves. As it stands at the
moment, the vast majority of you are Windows users rather than full-time Linuxers, and this is likely to be the case for a considerable time. As a
result, its important for us to focus primarily on what a package is offering to its target market almost every piece of equipment out there is
designed and built first and foremost for the Windows platform, and its often impossible to get even basic tech support for Linux related problems. In
order to comprehensively test each and every product that we cover under Linux, there simply wouldnt be sufficient time to accurately delve into its
intended function.

Link: pcplus.co.uk


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