March 21, 2005

Luban Programming Language Beta 1.1 Released

Peter X Huang writes "Since Luban's initial announcement on 2/7/2005, there are good responses from open source communities. Based on feed back from Luban users, we release Luban Beta 1.1 that is basically a bug fix release. I thank Luban users for giving feed back. The major changes include the following:

1. Fixes of template code to build for gcc v 3.4
2. Makefile fix to link to flex library libfl instead of lex library libl
3. Some documentation errors fixed.

Luban is a newly released component oriented scripting language. Luban is a clean syntax scripting language with its own component model tailored for scripting purpose. Luban√Ęs component is Java Bean link attribute based object that is simpler than commonly used object oriented model. Its major features include

  • Easy to start, simple and clean syntax, script and run
  • Java bean like property based component model
  • Component can be a process or a composition ( like spreadsheet)
  • All data types and components are saved in a namespace hierarchy
  • Built-in thread dispatching and synchronization
  • Component interface inheritance
  • Dynamic type checking
  • Reflection
  • Serialize and send any object over network or into a file.
  • Remote Component Call
  • Exception free error handling.
  • API to import new data types from C++


  • Linux
  • WIN32( NT, 2000, XP, with Cygwin)
  • Or any platform supporting POSIX standard


  • gcc 3.0 and up
  • or any ANSI compliant C++ compiler with thread safe STL and POSIX

If you like scripting language and you wish your language can go all the way further, or you do Java/C++ and wish to script a little sometimes
Luban is for you. Check out more details at:


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