February 25, 2005

Maguma OpenStudio - Maguma's original PHP IDE goes

Maguma writes "Maguma GmbH (Bolzano, Italy) will make the source code of Maguma Studio, Maguma's Windows-exclusive IDE, open! Beginning in March 2005 the full source code of Studio will be available for download and community participation. Maguma OpenStudio as Maguma has named the product is a milestone in the pursuit to the realization of Maguma's Open Source strategy. Maguma OpenStudio is a fast, easy and effective PHP IDE for beginners and professional developers alike.
The newest product, the modular cross-platform IDE, Maguma Workbench, is Maguma's second generation IDE and is also community focused through its flexibility to allows users to create custom modules for it. Maguma's goal is to allow programmers to "Have Fun Programming!"

In March Maguma OpenStudio will be available for download on the Community site www.phpwizard.net and on the Maguma Community site community.maguma.org."

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