November 18, 2005

McAfee Protection Comes to Linux

Bytware, Inc. writes "November 16, 2005 (Reno, Nevada)— Bytware, Inc. ( a global authority on virus and malware vulnerabilities, announced today the beta availability of StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux running on x86-based PCs.

Linux, like all platforms, is susceptible to hosting and spreading viruses and malicious code; and today’s security requirements demand protection on all systems within a network. With this new solution, Bytware is providing users with a key tool needed to add reliable anti-virus protection to the Linux servers in their networks.

StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux brings the industry-leading power of McAfee's scanning engine and the ease-of-use of the award-winning StandGuard Anti-Virus to Linux running on x86-based PCs. StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux (x86-based PCs) allows users to detect and clean the full 150,000+ threats identified by McAfee’s AVERT, a huge improvement over the 40,000 viruses that some Linux solutions promise to detect. Bytware and McAfee's AVERT support users’ needs 24/7/365.

Free trials of StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux (x86-based PCs) are available and may be requested through Bytware’s website at ux.html.

The second phase of the StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux product release, coming soon, will bring this same powerful protection to those running Linux on the iSeries.

For more information on StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux (x86-based PCs), please visit the main product page at "


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