July 26, 2010

MeeGo at OSCON Wrap-Up

OSCON wrapped up last week here in Portland, so I wanted to take a few minutes to summarize a few of the many MeeGo activities at the conference. I already highlighted several of the key sessions with blog posts:

You can also see some of the other MeeGo presentations from OSCON, including a presentation about the Intel Atom Developer Program for MeeGo and one from speakTECH, developer of a Facebook application and other applications for MeeGo.

There were also several MeeGo demo stations in the Intel booth at OSCON showing Netbook, Handset and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) demos. While the netbook demos have been around for a little longer, this was the first time many people had a chance to get a hands-on, closeup look at IVI or a handset running MeeGo, so those demos were very popular. Here is a picture of the IVI demo station in case you missed it.

I would love to see more MeeGo sessions at OSCON and other conferences, so if you are doing something interesting with MeeGo, submit a proposal about it at your favorite conference. I'm already looking forward to having OSCON in Portland again next year and hope to see an even bigger MeeGo presence at the event!

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